Contract Bridge installation

AMD Contract Services Ltd have today reached a milestone on a 19.5 kilometre forest upgrade in the Scottish Borders for a long term client.

A 15.5m span bridge was installed as part of the upgrade to accommodate an access road, which created a bypass from the existing route through a small farm.

AMD were tasked to construct the bridge over a sensitive watercourse which is linked to heavy salmon activity.

During the course of the abutment and installation works, as a specific requirement, AMD made sure no plant or materials entered the watercourse and all pollution action plans were in place and agreed by the client.

The bridge was built on site and lifted using a 130 tonne crane and landed into place with minimum effort, the next phase is to construct the retaining walls either side and realign the road to tie into both sides.

Credit to our experienced operators and assistants on another successful contract phase.